Monday, July 11, 2011

Retro Express, Daily Mail, Sunday 10th July 2011

It rained, poured, even scared me.... and then the clouds parted enough to give me time for our 7 shots...
Photography: Emily Quinn
Stylist: Karl Patrick Smith
Make up: Kate Rose Crean
Hair: Jane Ackermann
Model: Thalia @ Morgan the Agency

Shooting The Talented

I photographed our top fashion Photographers and stylists as part of PhotographyFestive Ireland 2011.
Here are the Final Results.... too much fun of a job to shoot!

 Sean and Yvette and Aine Kileen

 Roxanne Parker and Agata Stoinska

 Andreas Petterson and Paula Hughes

 Aoife Herrity and Kieran Kilgallon

 Cliona O'Flaherty and Kate O'Dowd

 Courtney Smith and Daniel Holfield

 Tanya Grimson and German Collins

 Gerry Balfe Smith and Alison Connelly

 Johnny Savage and Angela Scanlon

 Lee Malone and Sara O'Connor

 Liam Murphy and Sarah Rickard

 Corina Gaffey and Lili Forberg

 Jan Breirton and Lorna Fitzsimons

 Aliosn McGilligan and Maciej Pastka
 Aisling Farinalle and Rich Gilligan

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Ash and Rich

I am a huge fan of these guys, very much looking forward to this: